I hate lunges

Box lunges this morning, supersetted with bosu ball squats. My knee felt unsteady the whole time. Finished up with leg press, leg extension, innies, leg curls, and ball curls. It will be fun to see if I can walk later.

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Back in the sadle

I took a short vacation to Lake Erie with the family.  Lots of fun.  Now it’s time to get back to work.  The elbow is still wonky, so I did a some dumb bell presses with light weight, a HIT cardio program, and some tricep push downs.  Feels good, I’m looking forward to legs tomorrow morning.

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Tried to up the cardio intensity yesterday.  Seemed to go well.  I’m also trying to clean up my eating.  It is proving to be a real challenge.  Shoulders and biceps at 5:30 this morning.  It feels good to have accomplished something so early in the day.  Givecamp is this week.  I’ll need to make sure I get tomorrow’s workout in.

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7 7

I had a decent day yesterday, 30 minutes of cardio followed by 90 minutes of martial arts practice.

Started off the morning right as well.  got to the gym by 5:35 to work legs.

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Lift, Lift, Lift

Spent some time lifting.  Dumb bell presses, Chest presses, some shoulder stuff and several types of triceps extensions.  I need to find a way to push the intensity up a bit when I’m lifting without a partner.  It didn’t feel like my heart rate was up much at all.

I followed up with lifting with an hour on the treadmill.  Good pace, plus a 10% gradient let me get into my cardio zone.  I’ve still got 90 minutes of martial arts practice tonight, so it should be a good day.

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Independence Day

Indepndence Day - movie imageToday is my rest day.  I’m shooting for more of an active rest, as today is also a class day, so 2 hours of martial arts training.  Slowly closing in on 10,000 hours.

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July 3rd

Not a bad start to the holiday.  30 minutes on the Precor, 100 yards in the pool, and 90 minutes of martial arts practice.  242 today.  I’m assuming the 2.5 pound loss is water weight.

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Day 2 – Morning


Not my actual elbow

Got to the gym by 5:30.  Did back and biceps.  Managed to tweak my elbow a bit.  It seems like a new body part starts to fail every day.

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Day One

I hit the gym:

30 minutes on the Precor, interval program.

125 yards swimming.  My first time trying to swim laps in 20 years.

Tomorrow: Lift

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Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, son

Dean WormerI’ve been thinking about my life.  In many ways, my life is great.  I’ve got a wonderful family, I’m mostly healthy, and I have friends I truly enjoy spending my time.

Other parts of my life suck however.  I’m fat, dumb, and lazy.  I weigh 244 pounds.  I can barely remember how to program or any math.  I’ve got a half dozen current projects, and still end each day feeling like I’ve accomplished nothing.

These are all things I can do something about. I’ve just never done anything to control them.  That ends now.  Yesterday I turned 42.  Today I’m going to start becoming who I want to be.  This is a chronicle of my journey.

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